Experiences in Taunggyi

Indein Village

Indein is one of the small villages of Inle Lake located on the western bank of the lake. A Buddha image has enshrined at a whitewashed stupa, which is on the summit of a hill.

Below the stupa around the hill are cluster of hundreds of ancient stupas most are ruins overgrown with bushes. The pagoda hill is quiet and calm. One could feel the pleasant cool breeze with the sweet rings of the bells hanging at the umbrella of the stupa. Mesmerizing view from pagoda hill release the fatigue and refresh everybody who ascend to the peak.

This mysterious place is at the end of the marvellous Indein creek, which connected with Inle Lake just after the Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda. The creek is narrow with many twist and turns. Since the both sides are paddy fields you can see the farmers ploughing and harrowing by water buffaloes. At the lunch time while groups of farmers having lunch the water buffaloes enjoy themselves dipping in the creek.

Kakku Pagodas

Kakku is about 33 miles from Taunggyi. It will take about 3 hours drive by car. Kakku is located in the Shan State. Kakku is in the territory of Pa-Oh people. There are over 2000 stupas packed closely together in ranks and covering an area perhaps a square kilometer. The main stupa is around 40 meters high. the mass of the spire surrounding it uniformly. But each one is an individual masterpiece. The particular remarkable about the whole site is its good state of preservation. Originally each one must have been topped by a gilded metal hti. the multi tiered umbrella-like feature. which is typical of Myanmar Pagodas. Many of these are tilted on fallen. External rendering of mortar and stucco has crumbled away on others. exposing the brick core while trees have established themselves in a few. threatening to split them apart. But so much of the originals still exist that this site must be free of the destructive force of earthquakes. which have periodically ravaged many of the Myanmar’s other monuments

Sagar Village

The Sagar village, once must have been a thriving town of Sawbwa (the heredity prince), is a place of unexplored. All are intact and unspoiled. Reach up the Sagar village which takes a half-day boat ride. There you find blushing faces of Pa-O tribe, welcoming smiles of the villagers amidst the dotting religious buildings (pagodas & monasteries). Witness the two Ms (Maze & Mystery) there and let the solution be found in your own tune when you come in Sagar. The boat journey to Sagar is simply enjoyable for those who love nature with hazy Blue Mountains, dotted floating farms, different kinds of indigenous / migratory birds, and several villages of Inthars, ever happy-&-content people. The impressive ruins of Sagar, welcoming Pa O villagers, and pleasant boat journey will make you a rewarding day excursion away from the tourist crowd, and usual sights of Inle Lake.

Ko Than Hlaing

Ko Than Hlaing is a workshop in Inpawkhon village which was opened in 1996. Ko Than Hlaing weavers are world renowned for transforming the exotic lotus flower into fabric.

About 100 years ago, Hand Weaving was started to do in Inpawkhon village in Inle Lake. At first, they started to weave with only cotton and a few years later, they weaved the shiny-silk and silk-clothe with silk-thread. After decode of years, the owner studied silk production in Thailand and weaved Zinn Mal silk and Bangkok longyi. From that time on, Inlay silk production became to famous. But the turning-point was opened when the owner invested the lotus robe, various lotus longyi and various shawls which mix with silk and lotus. They started weaving shawls in various design and served to the foreigners as they wanted

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